Advantages of the Table Kid’s

Discover all the benefits of having a Kid’s Table in your child’s area.

1- Robustness and longevity:

Kid’s Table is a lacquered wooden table, it is closed by a steel plate where the heart of the table. The furniture is shock-proof.

2- Waterproof and super resistant:

Shockproof thanks to a reinforced safety glass placed above the screen. Resists falling objects and scratches.
The screen is completely waterproof, resistant to everyday disasters (drinks, falling objects, etc.)

3-French Manufacture:

We have created a network of the best French craftsmen for a result with impeccable finishes. Each table is assembled, programmed and tested in our workshops, from where all deliveries start.


Simply irresistible, the design is designed for children, the different colors, the finish, the varnish look, everything is together for the pleasure of adults and children.
The size of the screen is planned for the best playability of a child from 3 to 12 years old.

5- Security:

The angles of the table are rounded,
The painting is in poor standards in c.o.v. (child standards)
The varnish is food (norms child)
Parental control blocks the connection to the internet and restricts access only to games provided by the user.

6- Automation:

The table is ready to play. 20 games are resident.
Parental control starts automatically ensuring optimum security.
Management of the tables can be done remotely for the management of new games, updating or deletion.


The floor space of the Kid’s Table is less than 1m²


All the favorite games of the public are on Android, the guarantee of being able to evolve its table over the novelties.

9 Guarantee:

Kid’s Table is guaranteed for 3 years. It is designed for intensive use.
Compared with a tablet or table of average manufacture, Kid’s Table has a 3x longer life.