Pharmacies have adopted the Table Kid’s

The Table Kids team more and more pharmacies in France, a phenomenon not so surprising.

Seeing the pharmacy at the crossroads of Rue Jaurès and Meunier, we are far from imagining that it is home to a space of ultra innovative and unique games of its kind.

When entering the pharmacy, a glance and magic operate. A table in the shape of an elephant, tactile, connected and multiplayer. Seeing this toy, which houses a jewel of technology in its lacquered wooden chest, we have a desire, try it!
This is probably what makes it such an attractive object, both innovative and magical, since it is a high definition screen of 61 cm Multi-Keys (Up to 32 points, up to 4 players simultaneously).

Pink Table Kid's
This giant toy aspect equipped with the latest touch screen technology, is the recipe for creating the play furniture for children of the future. In other words, the best animation spaces that we have ever seen in a pharmacy.

After its appearance at the Pharmagora show in 2015, Table Kid’s equips more and more pharmacy in France. At first glance it may seem surprising, only a children’s area in a pharmacy, it is an essential tool so that parents have time to exchange serenely with the health professional who advice, all in good humor.

The playful side is an important aspect as the gaming experience is successful. Rediscovering antilogic games like Angry Birds or Fruits Ninja on a screen of this size is just great.
This immersion allows to set up also playful educational games, which contributes to the awakening and the learning, while having fun.

Yellow Table Kid's

This aspect gives Kid’s Table its last charm, combined with the educational awakening and children’s play time.

And on this point, one holds, the most attractive educational tool of all time.

“True asset of loyalty for my pharmacy, Table Kid’s brought us the smile of the parents, and the joy of the children. I recommend it »

Testimony of Mrs. Flageul Pharmacie de la croix Desilles in Saint Malo.

« “Very satisfied with this table for two and a half years the children have said the word between them at school because they train the parents to the Pharmacy That happiness and the world in my pharmacy.”

Pharmacie du Marché – Maison Alfort (94)