Stand out with a unique child space

Table Kid’s is the perfect tool for keeping kids occupied while parents are busy in the shops. Totally thought and made for children, from the size of materials to their composition through parental control for optimal security.


Waterproof and resistant

Designed to withstand the enthusiasm of children.
Its professional touch screen is protected by a shockproof and waterproof safety glass. It was thought and made for children.



A compact play area (less than 1m²) with a unique design that appeals to children. In order to adapt to all the shops, the color of the elephant is to choose among 200 colors.


Plug & Play

Automatic launcher with 20 resident Android games and pre-installed and configured parental control. New apps can be installed with the play store and up to 4 kids can play simultaneously.

Games & Apps

Educational apps help to wake up children, and today many tools are being developed to enhance learning from an early age. Being able to combine recreational time and learning time can be an interesting tool for children. There is no question of occupying your cherub by leaving it in front of a tablet for hours to be quiet. On the contrary, these little games have a function of awakening and development. The presence of a parent to accompany the child is therefore very highly recommended. A bit like we would do for learning a board game. Creative awakening Some applications offer a range of unsuspected tools, digital creation is a step towards creative learning, very important for the development of the child.

The benefits of the Table Kid’s

Large-scale distribution and online sales are becoming fierce competition for convenience stores. Staying competitive, attracting the public also goes through the child space. Kid’s Table is a very good loyalty and communication tool. She becomes an ally everyday offering a serene atmosphere and therefore a clientele to listen.

competitive table kid's


Children are prescribers. Providing a child's space is ideal for them to feel good while their parents shop.

customer's loyalty


Stand out from mass distribution and online sales through services that only a local business can offer.



Kid's spaces and Table Kid's are excellent communication assets. Allow to advertise the sign without advertising.

Clients Table Kid's

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