Rediscover the touch with a giant screen

Play on a 22 “touch screen, you have already tested?

The world of innovation gives birth to new products, today touch screens are in the spotlight, here are our impressions.

On a 55.9 cm diagonal screen that is 22 “with a high definition resolution, the games on Android take another dimension … Let’s be clear, play some games on a big surface like a card pack, it’s probably practical in the subway, but this limits the gaming experience, especially for multiplayer games.On a screen of this size, we are fascinated as the first use of the touch.Have space, to see the details, accuracy touched …

Table Kid's Krys

Children’s play area

Interactive connected furniture is appearing everywhere. Kid’s Table is the future of children’s space. Multiplayer and irresistible, kids love it at first glance. The charm of this wooden elephant lacquered table takes a gigantic toy shape at the size of children. Moreover, she is entirely thought for children. The ultra resistance and the waterproofness of the screen of course, but also the size. The latter has been voluntarily chosen to adapt to the size of the children but also to their field of vision. Indeed, for us adults, 22 inches does not seem excessively large, but for a child it becomes more complicated. This is why the choice of screen size is important, it is big enough so that four children can play at the same time but not too much so that a single child does not get lost.

Table Kid's Krys

Children’s fun is a guarantee of serenity, especially when it comes to waiting.

Draw, Color, Learn, tools available

Puzzles, coloring or drawing also take on a new dimension on the Kids Table. There is not only games in digital life, there is also art, creation. Digital drawing has been in fashion for several years, and for a good reason, it brings together in one point, all possible techniques, in the form of a tablet from your desk. The pleasure of drawing, discovering, learning; everything is there to allow the children to use the Kid’s Table in a smart way.