Children’s area : Connected retailer

Discover the Table Kid’s, the ideal tool for a modern and unique child’s area that will appeal to both children and parents!

Connect Innov revolutionizes children’s spaces in retailers

with its Table Kid’s ©, an innovative connected games table

Paris, April 07, 2018 – We all know this waiting that goes on for a doctor, a visit to a kitchen that never ends or a meeting with his banker that lasts … With children, it could quickly turn into a nightmare.

To help parents stay patient and children to have a good time, Connect Innov has created Table Kid’s ©. This modern and compact touch table is suitable for all types of commercial spaces.

Yellow Table Kid's

The children’s area: a real commercial parade

Whether in restaurants, waiting rooms for doctors, supermarkets, pharmacies, opticians, or at car dealerships … There are usually spaces reserved for children who are often neglected who do not raise enough their interest.

Creating a space for children, however, is a real benefit. It improves the customer experience but also the practice of professionals (sales teams, servers …). Special attention to children makes them happy but also pleases their parents who will remember it.

To meet these goals, Connect Innov designed Kid’s Table ©. Style, safety and games, everything has been designed for children from 3 to 10 years old.

With its unique elephant shape and compact design, Kid’s Table is a kid’s favorite and requires no more than 1 m²!

Purple Table Kid's


Ergonomics and content perfectly adapted to children

The size of the screen, 22 “, was chosen to best match children’s visual field and size.

20 games are installed natively on the Table Kid’s ©, fun games and awakening, some multilingual. They have been chosen from the most popular games on the Google Play Store and can run without an internet connection.
An innovation made in France.

For optimum safety, the corners of the table are rounded and the touch pad has a high-strength, waterproof safety glass.

The table is made of wood, chosen for its robustness and nobility, and to remind traditional toys. It is lacquered with a poor paint in C.O.V and varnished with products that meet the standards children.

Ready to use and totally ready to play

Just a simple electrical outlet to plug it in and start using it. It does not require any technical knowledge!

Kid’s © Table runs on Android, fully configured and tested in the Connect Innov workshops in Île-de-France. The parental control software automatically launches, guaranteeing you a simple and secure use.
No update or internet connection is required for everyday use.

Table Kid's la-lunetterie-lourdes

Promote the point of sale thanks to the Kid’s Table

More than 200 colors are available to personalize the table and adapt it to your sales area.

Kid’s Table © is a digital communication tool. Connect Innov offers to help you start your communication and digital marketing strategy to promote your brand.