Children, today’s decision makers

Find out why having a child space is useful today, for children who strongly influence parents’ choice

Which parent has never let his child, no matter how old, use his smartphone when the weather is long in a store or at the doctor? Today young children are very attracted to digital and tactile.


Prescribing children

Today, children have a strong involvement in the decision making of their parents for the products they buy but especially for the place where they buy them. Children then become an interesting new target to attract in the shops because where the children are, the parents too. And what better than a child’s space, adapted and thought for them, so that they feel good and want to come back.

The society is digitizing, the child spaces too. Indeed, millennials have grown with new technologies, so rather than preventing contact why not educate them with touch screens while limiting their use to ten minutes in a business while their parents make their purchases?

Kid’s Table becomes the solution. Compact, (with its 22 “screen) ultra strong and waterproof it is designed to withstand the enthusiasm of children and its integrated parental control ensures their safe use.

So rather than leaving them alone with an unsuitable smartphone, allowing them to learn and have fun through play games and awake the time to go shopping can be beneficial for both the child and the child. the parents.

Kid’s Table is a professional tool, its quality is not comparable to that of a tablet much more fragile and likely to be stolen.


Table Kid's event


Stand out from other brands and website

Competition is getting tougher for all traders especially since the advent of online trading. In order to stand out, offering unique and original services can attract customers. That’s why child spaces are more and more requested, parents will go to a place where children will feel good to have time to shop.

In addition, children will be quieter in a dedicated space especially in a place that is not necessarily fun for them.

Kid’s Table creates many opportunities. It makes it possible to offer a comfortable and attractive service to customers, to create a serene atmosphere, with a clientele listening to advice etc. A real added value for local shops, restaurants, dealers …

Children playing Table Kid's

Communicate around the child space and services +

Finally, the openness to digital does not stop there. Many people use the Internet to determine where they will find local service, and the child space can be critical in making decisions. The goal is to communicate around this space and + services in general that make the difference compared to competitors.